PlayVoIP - VoIP Service Enabler

Webbased VoIP service enabler featured with user management, statistical report and registration application system based on LAMP and Asterisk. At the beginning this project was specially designed for simple and free Indonesian VoIP network, VoIP Rakyat.

Latest News

- PlayVoIP version 0.1 released (update 2 December 2005)

Current Features

- Registration application for Asterisk
- Working sample of Asterisk configuration files to get you started faster


Minimum Required Hardware
- Web servers hardware
- Disk freespace for software and data disk at least 10 MB
Minimum Required Software
- Operating System *NIX based (Linux preferred)
- Web Server (Apache preferred
- Database Server MySQL 4.0 or latest stable release (
- PHP 4.3 or latest stable release with mysql module enabled and CGI version (
- Access to SMTP server (ability to send email via SMTP server)
- Asterisk 1.2.0 (
Minimum Required Server Operator (or Developer)
- Understand howto make sure installed PHP has MySQL module enabled (phpinfo)
- Understand howto create/drop MySQL database
- Understand howto insert SQL statement into created database
- Understand the meaning of installing PlayVoIP as 'root'
- Understand howto install php application package without 'root' access (if needed)
- Always find reading README, INSTALL and other docs as a fun activity :)


- Indonesian SIP and IAX2 based VoIP network, VoIP Rakyat


- Get PlayVoIP sourcecode from Sourceforge.NET

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